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Visit LMG to experience world-class mattress collections such as AmericanStar, Therapedic, Latexco, Kluft, Aireloom, and Brentwood Home. More than a good night’s sleep, every mattress brand is a work of art waiting to be discovered.
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This brand brings an American style, symbolizing modernity, freedom and the desire to assert your individuality instead of pursuing temporary trends.

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Sản phẩm nệm AmericanStar
Sản phẩm nệm Therapedic


This brand is inspired by the melody of timeless music, helping you experience a “wave of emotion” on an artful premium mattress.



The world’s most luxurious mattress brand from the USA, falls back on Kluft to enjoy the deepest and most complete sleep in the heart of the magnificent city.


Sản phẩm nệm Kluf


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