About Us


We spend ⅓ of our whole lives or 200,00 hours in bed. In today’s busy society, time in bed (for sleeping, internet surfing, social media, tv, reading, etc.) occupies more than time spent at work, with family, with friends and other activities.


Described as a gentle god with wings on his forehead and the ability to get anyone to fall asleep within minutes, the legendary Greek god Hypnos is World Luxury Mattress Gallery (LMG)’s brand symbol – reflective of LMG’s commitment.


In partnership with world-class brands, LMG’s commitment is to perfection, continuously investing in modern technology, innovative products and recruiting international professionals. Our artistically inspired, luxurious quality mattresses and accessories create an unsurpassed sleep experience, allowing our customers to achieve the fulfilling lifestyle they deserve.


LMG is an exclusive distributor in Southeast Asia of the top world-class bedding brands: Therapedic, AmericanStar, Latexco, Kluft, Aireloom, Brentwood Home.

LMG is the first in Vietnam to offer “Reveal by Xsensor” – a scientific system that measures body pressure to recommend a suitable mattress & pillow to best fit each consumer. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

The first LMG store was launched in Sala City, Ho Chi Minh. For the first time in Vietnam, the strategic location of Sala City offers customers a luxurious shopping experience dedicated for the household, sleep, furniture and decoration in a convenient location.


With selective materials & innovative technology, all of LMG’s collections are made by craftsmen with passion. Our products are perfect in each piece of coil, layers of latex, layer of foam as well as fabric pattern materials.

Each of LMG’s collections is an episode of an artistic story reflecting dreams, ambitions, passions. For perfect sleep, LMG brings to you a fulfilling lifestyle of luxury you deserve.


Feel free to dance with your dreams