Beyond Expectation

Much more than how one would define a mattress, AmericanStar brings you towards feelings of happiness, of unbound freedom, exceeding all expectations, be it in your dreams or real life. From now on, the elegance, opulence, and utmost comfort brought by AmericanStar will usher you from each night’s lofty sleep to daytime commitments.

AmericanStar’s market extends across four continents: the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Australia. In the United States, AmericanStar currently operates four major distribution centers spanning from the West Coast to the Eastern Seaboard: Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and North Carolina.

Good nights…great mornings™

Therapedic – the piece of music which is perfectly harmonized by the talented artisans who handcraft the mattresses with all their passion and skills.

Since its inception in 1957 to the present, Therapedic is one of the top sleep product groups in the world. Spanning six continents, Therapedic maintains its ranking among the Top 7 bedding producers as ranked by Furniture Today, the leading international magazine for the furniture industry.

Nệm Therapedic Medicoil HD3000

We support your dreams

Latexco envisions a world where people can dream and enjoy a happy, active and healthy life.

For over 60 years, being the world’s leading manufacturer of latex components for the bedding industry, Latexco has grown up from a small family business in Tielt, Belgium, to become a business with a global presence. Thanks to Latexco’s continual quest for impeccable quality, passion for innovation, and excellent service, Latexco is a leading innovative manufacturer in the latex and foam industry. Sustainability runs as a leitmotif through all Latexco’s activities.

Kluft mattresses are inspired by New York luxury

For those who live life without compromise. The visionaries. The aficionados. The romantics. The dreamers. Fit for the penthouse suite. Tailored for the master bedroom. Handcrafted for high-end relaxation. For sleeping alone, or together. Every Kluft mattress is crafted to reward the highest standards.

Three generations of Kluft family world-class master craftsmen, in pursuit of precision, they dedicate years to honing their craft. Kluft collections are designed and constructed with the world’s most superior materials; horsetail horsehair, New Zealand Joma Wool, Talalay latex, natural Cashemere.

Kluft craftsmanship, artistry and precision set the universal standard for sophistication and refinement for a perfect sleep that has been over a century in the making.

A Kluft mattress is Above Comfort & Beyond Luxury.

Nệm Kluft Prospect
Nệm Aireloom Sterling Cardiff

We have handmade California dreams

California. From Malibu to Silicon Valley, it’s where the best in relaxation and innovation come together. Inspired by this pacific spirit, Aireloom has tailored classic design with cutting-edge technology to create the ultimate quality sleep. For over 75 years, Aireloom has been hand-making California dreams.

When you lie down on an Aireloom, the dream becomes a reality. Every material is hand-selected for durability and comfort. Every layer is integral for support and relaxation. Every stitch and contour is tailored by a true artisan. The lift of an Aireloom mattress can elevate an ordinary night to pure perfection. Aireloom is bringing handmade California designs to the world.

Aireloom. California Design ∙ Handmade.

Live healthy, Sleep well

For over 30 years, Brentwood Home has been making mattresses and home essentials with a team of local artisans and fabricators in Los Angeles. From the beginning, Brentwood Home has obsessed over creating products using healthy and ethically-sourced materials, all inspired by their love for the natural world and their home in California.

Brentwood Home mattresses are designed to provide the most comfortable, healthy night sleep and lifestyle for all members of your family.

Enjoy a comfortable life with Brentwood Home.

Nệm Brentwood Home Sierra
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Kluft Scardales Mattress

Kluft Scardales Mattress

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Aireloom Palladium Placer Mattress

Aireloom Palladium Placer Mattress

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Brentwood Home Del Mar mattress

Brentwood Home Del Mar mattress

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PureCare Hybrid Pillow

PureCare Hybrid Pillow

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