We've handmade California dreams.

California. From Malibu to Silicon Valley, it’s where the best in relaxation and innovation come together. Inspired by this Pacific spirit, we’ve tailored classic design with cutting-edge technology to create the ultimate quality sleep. For over 75 years, Aireloom has been hand-making California dreams.

When you lie down on an Aireloom, the dream becomes a reality. Every material is hand-selected for durability and comfort. Every layer is integral for support and relaxation. Every stitch and contour is tailored by a true artisan. The lift of an Aireloom mattress can elevate an ordinary night to pure perfection. Aireloom is bringing handmade California design to the world.

Aireloom. California Design ∙ Handmade.



Innovative design contoured with the next generation of materials.

The Preferred collection is innovative design contoured with the next generation of materials. This collection features a luxurious Tencel® multi-stretch knit panel with a hand feel like no other. Border treatment consists of a handsome cotton trademarked Pacific Plaid™. Pacific Plaid™ is a design inspired by the simplicity and elegance of California. The style we call our own. Built on our Patented Aireloom Lift™, the Preferred collection allows the natural sleep chamber to perform at its best.