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High-quality European imported mattresses have long been highly evaluated for their outstanding elasticity and body support. Made from high quality materials and undergone strict testing, European mattresses are the symbol of perfection for a luxurious life.

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1. Why should we choose European imported mattresses?

European Standard is a measure of world-class premium quality products. To achieve that standard, the mattress must meet the most stringent requirements in every detail.


Material is one of the determinants of feeling and user-friendly experience. Luxury European mattresses must go through many researches to choose the best and highest quality materials.

  • Safe and natural materials: all mattress materials such as latex, topper layers, covers, etc. are not only safe for health and sustainable with time, but also environmentally friendly.
    • The natural latex which is used for European mattresses has been carefully selected at large plantations and processed under strict standards. From these, European mattresses have high elasticity, and can restore to their original state after pressure.
    • The Topper layer is superiorly ventilated and optimally balanced temperature and humidity.
    • Soft and smooth spandex fabric brings a comfortable sleeping space.
  • All materials have specific origins, and are strictly checked before being put into production.

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Due to high quality and natural materials, European mattresses are extremely user-friendly, ensuring a good and healthy sleep.


 With latex mattress lines, the product is made of 100% natural latex, so it has a high elasticity, helping you feel comfortable in any position without the worries of slump or deformed mattress.

With spring mattress lines, the spring system is made of stainless steel which has a high carbon content that gives the mattress a longer life. Besides that, the increasing number of spirals and the high density help the mattress reach maximum elasticity and support levels suitable for each zone of the body.


Europe has always been a leading area in the invention and application of modern technologies in its products and services. Luxury mattresses are one of them.

Based on the research on gravity and sleeping habits, advanced technologies are applied to bring the best experience such as:

  • The spring system optimally conforms to the individual’s unique body contour.
  • Talalay latex is the most premium latex in the world and is environmentally friendly. Thanks to the open structure, it helps disperse body temperature, increase ventilation, and is naturally antibacterial.

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The factories in Europe scale up to hundred thousands of hectares with modern machinery and technology that has fully met the most stringent standards. In addition, regularly upgrading in technology and using the best materials create a high quality and aesthetics for the best products.


Mattress production in Europe always has a rigorous system of standards for each mattress line: rebonded cotton mattress, latex mattress, spring mattress, foam mattress, etc.. The testing from input to output must meet international quality and safety standards, so customers can fully trust the quality that the products deliver.

2. What kind of imported European luxury mattress should you choose?

Learning about imported mattresses is difficult but choosing the type of mattress that suits your interests and health is even more difficult. By just typing the keyword “European imported mattress” or “European premium mattress”, you can easily find hundreds of foreign brands.

In particular, the most interesting mattress is the latex one because the manufacturing process of it is much more difficult and complicated than other types of mattresses.

  • Selection of premium latex materials, white latex and no impurities
  • Strict and rigorous production technology
  • Mattress must ensure the certifications of health and durability tests by compressor before leaving the factory
  • Luxurious and unique design

One of the famous European latex mattress brands that meets these strict standards is Latexco from Belgium. With over 60 years of operation, Latexco’s products have been long beyond the limits of a normal latex mattress, and have the artistry hidden in every collection.

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Latexco mattresses meet all sleep demands such as 5-zone support and comfort for the sleepers. This is also one of the brands that many big names in the mattress industry such as AmericanStar use for their high-end spring mattress lines.

3. Some high-class mattresses of Latexco

Currently, Latexco mattress brand has 4 extremely outstanding and classy collections.


The Fom collection is loved for its unique comfort made of high quality foam using modern technologies.

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As a new product in Latexco’s Fom collection, Ruby latex mattress with elegant white – cream design is the choice for those who prefer gentle and pure beauty.

The mattress uses multi-layer technology with different-function latex foam layers:

  • Latexco® FLOFOM foam: relieves the pressure of the mattress on the body for a special comfort.
  • Latexco® NRGFOM foam: has the ability to adjust elasticity and body temperature during sleep.
  • Latexco® EVOFOM foam core: flexible opening structure, increasing mattress elasticity.

In addition, the product also uses a stylish knitted fabric that not only adorns with a luxurious look but also has the ability to dissipate heat and maintain the moisture needed for a smooth sleep.


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To be considered “natural products”, each Natural mattress will fully support the whole body in every sleep.

The highlight of Cedar Natural Latex mattress is the ability to accurately support 5 body areas including head, shoulders, hips, buttocks and legs, dispersing the force on the mattress surface and creating a relaxing feeling during sleep.

To do that, the manufacturer has integrated a 5-zone latexco® natural latex core, combined with a natural latex topper. It leads to the increase of natural air-permeability while ensuring the ability to embrace each body curve, helping the spine to be straight when lying in all positions, giving you a better and more complete sleep.


The perfect combination of premium materials helps each Fusion mattress meet rigorous sleep requirements.

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Being a harmonious combination between Ruby and Cedar, the Emerald spring mattress is favored for using the latest and most advanced technologies to create a super product with a thickness of 24cm.

All functional classes are made of latexco® delivering superior comfort. Additionally, the AERFOM latexco® layer and 7-zone natural latex core optimize supporti. Thanks to this, the mattress helps reduce the symptoms of pain brought on by osteoarthritis, while bringing a more relaxing sleep.


The Classic mattress is the perfect balance between 2 materials: natural latex and synthetic latex. Not only does it support flexible movement of each body part, the Classic mattress also delivers sensations of exceptional comfort and luxury for your sleep.

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LThe topper layer of the Platinum mattress is made of natural latex with excellent ventilation and superior antibacterial qualities. The 7-zone latexco® core is designed to conform to each individual’s unique body contour. You will feel the coziest and comfortable when lying down.

Above are our sharings answering the question of whether or not to buy high-class European imported mattresses. In Vietnam, you can find these products at LMG luxury mattress showroom.

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