Kluft Croton mattress

Signature mattress collection

Timeless luxury you can sleep with

Croton is executed by the virtuosity of the artisans, ensuring top-notch aesthetics and absolute precision. Kluft’s singular construction techniques help the Signature Collection leave a lasting impression. The cotton clusters are threaded by hand to fix the inner layers of materials, improve use efficiency and help expand the sleeping area on the mattress, increasing the life of the product.

Nationwide shipping
15 years warranty
Origin: USA
Comfort: Firm
Height: 33 cm

Key Features

Premium spring construction

Moosburger ponytail

Talalay Premium Rubber

Jacquard Damask silk fabric from Belgium

Fire Resistant Hi-Loft Fiber

Organic Cotton yarn

The combination of wool and silk

Sew by hand from the mattress edge

Nệm Kluft Croton

Detailed construction

Nệm Kluft Croton
Premium springs

Kluft’s style is a nesting and interlocking structure that allows each spring to operate independently and multiple springs to wrap around your body shape.

Moosburger ponytail

The Moosburger ponytail is completely hand-crafted in Germany and Austria from special breeds and treated for 3 months for more bouncy, elasticity, anti-allergy and moisture balance.

Talalay Rubber

First-class rubber strategically placed in the mattress’s inner layers creates superior spine support. The rubber’s open grain structure provides excellent temperature control and is naturally antibacterial.

Jacquard Damask silk fabric from Belgium

Jacquard Damask is woven from silk, silk, bringing good durability and coolness, absolute softness to the skin. The iridescent look of the fabric also creates the ultimate luxury.

Organic Cotton yarn

Unmatched durability, the finest layers of cotton are combined to help keep the mattress breathable, preventing heat and humidity from rising.

HI-LOFT yarn with flame retardant technology

With extremely high strength, dense fiber structure but still ensures softness, and lightness. Warm in winter and cool in summer.

The combination of wool and silk

Silk and wool blend together on super soft foam and soft rubber. Adding an extra layer of SUPERSOFT FOAM, these layers are fitted and supported by layers of TrueStretch Cotton tricot stretch cotton.

Sew by hand from the mattress edge

Hand-sewn from the edge of the mattress ensures that the spring pockets and layers of material are always in place, the mattress wall is firm and prevents the mattress from sinking, expanding the mattress surface no matter where you lie – no matter where you lie. mattress side.