Beyond Expectation

Much more than how one would define a mattress, AmericanStar brings you towards feelings of happiness, of unbound freedom, exceeding all expectations, be it in your dreams or real life. From now on, the elegance, opulence and utmost comfort brought by AmericanStar will usher you from each night’s lofty sleep to daytime commitments.

AmericanStar’s market extends across four continents: the Americas, Asia, Europe and Australia. In the United States, AmericanStar currently operates four major distribution centers spanning from the West Coast to the Eastern Seaboard: Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, North Carolina.

Nệm AmericanStar Reserve Ypnos

Reserve mattress collection

Full dedication

Being the symbol of pride and luxurious class, the Reserve collection provides a fulfilled night of sleep for those with the grandest of dreams. Reserve is made especially for people with a flare for luxurious style.

Crafted and finished in the USA, Reserve is a marriage of European design and American-made high performance materials, supporting your body through every stage of sleep. Reserve is designed for even the most discerning of customers to experience a luxurious sleeping comfort.

Luxurious style with Reserve is a sign of life’s enjoyment, created especially for customers that enjoy the finer things in life.

Avant Garde mattress collection

Unlimited dreams

Innovation from a dream of discovering and creating trends, Avant Garde is believed to be AmericanStar’s market leader. This collection inspires a completely new definition for sleep and an artful expression of life.

With state-of-the-art design, robust structure, developed with Amstar-Cool™, Amstar-Adaptive™ and Amstar-Intelligent™ pioneering technologies, the Avant Garde collection is set to be the leader of sleeping comfort and a pioneer in lifestyle.

Avant-Garde will accompany you to discover unlimited dreams.

Nệm AmericanStar Heritage Windsor

Heritage mattress collection

Deeper in passion

Passionate with timeless values, the Heritage collection satisfies those who dream colorful dreams and designed for those who realize the value in life’s moments.

With the unique design of Amstar-Smart™ and Amstar-Adaptive™ technologies, Heritage is crafted to bring you an enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle, whether you are by yourself or together with your loved ones.

The time has come for you to feel a deeper passion from the Heritage collection.

AmericanStar Latexco mattress collection

Initialize your moments

AmericanStar realizes sleep is the best breakfast for the human spirit. Utilizing AmericanStar’s experience in R&D and in-depth knowledge of customer insight, the AmericanStar Latexco collection was born.

American modern design along with innovative Latexco latex from Belgium makes the uniqueness of AmericanStar Latexco among the most sought after brands.

It’s time to start a new experience: close your eyes slowly on an AmericanStar Latexco mattress and then enjoy the romantic “good morning” kiss or the moments you feel when it’s not so easy to “say goodbye” to your bed…

With AmericanStar Latexco, become alive.

Nệm AmericanStar Natural Premium
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