We support your dreams

Latexco envisions a world where people can dream and enjoy a happy, active and healthy life.

For over 60 years, being the world’s leading manufacturer of latex components for the bedding industry, Latexco has grown up from a small family business in Tielt, Belgium, to become a business with a global presence. Thanks to Latexco’s continual quest for impeccable quality, passion for innovation and excellent service, Latexco is a leading innovative manufacturer in the latex and foam industry. Sustainability runs as a leitmotif through all Latexco’s activities.

Natural mattress collection

Exceptional Elasticity

Using natural latex sourced from rigorously selected and tightly regulated plantations and sustainable raw material, Latexco “natural” mattresses offer exceptional quality characteristics.

Every natural – 5 zone mattress of Latexco is a “natural product” that provides better support to the body from head to toe.

Fusion mattress collection

Multiple Sensations In 1 Product

Latexco “fusion” mattresses are developed in close cooperation with Latexco’s customers in order to determine their needs. Latexco’s mattress experts “fuse” the right combination of natural latex and technical foam components. In this way, a mattress is created that perfectly meets the customer’s requirements for a better night’s sleep.

Form mattress collection

Unique Comfort

Latexco “fom” mattresses are manufactured with high-quality, technical foams. The special luxury NRGFOM & EVOFOM layers in each Latexco “fom” mattress have unique features, ensure excellent durability, a healthy microclimate and great ergonomic features.

Classic mattress collection

Perfectly Balanced Comfort

The products from our “classic” range contain a sophisticated blend of natural and synthetic latex. Thanks to Latexco’s many years of experience, Latexco is able to adjust the ratio between these two materials to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Latexco’s classic – 7 zone mattresses offer 7 comfort zones to provide better support to the body, especially at the level of the sleeper’s shoulders and hips.

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