Good nights… great mornings™

Therapedic – the piece of music which is perfectly harmonized by the talented artisans who handcraft the mattresses with all their passion and skills.

Since its inception in 1957 to present, Therapedic is one of the top sleep product groups in the world. Spanning six continents, Therapedic maintains its ranking among the Top 7 bedding producers as ranked by Furniture Today, the leading international magazine for the furniture industry.

Nệm Therapedic Elite Tighttop

Backsense mattress collection

Additional support where you need it most

Backsense features Therapedic’s exclusive HourGlass Support® element, which increases support firmness by 18% at the shoulders and hips, and 13% at the lumbar area. You’ll get the support your body and back need with Backsense.

Bravura mattress collection

The Rhythm of Sleep™

Get ready to experience The Rhythm of Sleep™ with all of the premium features our Bravura collection of mattresses has to offer. Rather than focusing solely on the feel, price, or convenience, Bravura has incorporated a musical motif into each mattress composed of layers which work in harmony to provide a great night’s sleep.

Nệm Therapedic Rhapsody In Blue
Nệm Therapedic Medicoil HD3000

Medicoil mattress collection

Heavy Duty Performance For Extended Durability

The Rx for your back.

Medicoil has a rich heritage at Therapedic as the first flagship mattress line. Featuring only the heaviest duty coils and densest foams, the Medicoil HD collection is built tough to remain durable and supportive. For the largest to smallest body types, Medicoil HD offers unparalleled support for a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

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Aireloom Palladium Placer Mattress

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Brentwood Home Del Mar mattress

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Kluft Scardales Mattress

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PureCare Hybrid Pillow

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