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Choosing a 5-star hotel mattress to suit the class but still save the budget has become the concern of many investors. Today’s article will share with you the criteria for choosing the right mattress. Let’s take a look.

1. Types of 5-star hotel mattresses that are usually selected

The luxury of 5-star hotels is evaluated in many aspects with international standards. From the overall layout to small details such as mattresses and pillows. Mattresses must be really high-class and luxurious and bring the most comfort.

Here are 3 mattress lines which are the top choice of luxury 5-star hotels.

Spring mattresses

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High-quality spring mattress of AmericanStar – a famous American mattress brand

Spring mattresses are composed of stainless steel springs that have undergone heat treatment, then put into molds to shape mattresses of different sizes and thicknesses. Spring mattresses for hotels usually have a thickness from 23 to 40cm with durability up to 15 years.

Considered to be the most popular product line for high-class hotels, spring mattresses always have outstanding advantages.


  • Constructed from good quality springs, ensuring elasticity and high-pressure resistance
  • Capable of supporting 5 body areas including head, shoulders, hips, buttocks, legs and helping the body relax while sleeping
  • Supporting the musculoskeletal system, limiting pain from a wrong lying position.
  • Integrating many modern technologies such as AsCool ™, AsAdaptive ™, AsIntelligent ™, and high-quality material like natural latex to bring the greatest softness
  • Modern luxury design
  • Size customization


  • The high-end mattress segment accounts for high prices.

Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 2NATURAL LATEX MATTRESSES

For 5-star hotels, natural latex mattresses are always the first priority, because of the superior advantages.


  • 100% natural latex which been carefully selected and screened according to international standards
  • Safe for health and environment
  • High elasticity
  • Soundproof
  • Embracing-body-curve design helps in evenly distributing pressure which is good for people with back pain and pregnancy.
  • Hundreds of air vents on the mattress surface which helps regulate the right temperature.
  • High-class design, diverse styles


  • Mattresses with heights above 30cm will be quite heavy if you move them by yourself
  • The price of natural latex is quite expensive compared to artificial and synthetic latex
  • Higher price for better products
  • Fake and low-quality products on the market


The cotton mattresses which use polyester are compressed at high temperatures. Nowadays, cotton mattresses also integrate antibacterial properties, which help minimize the growth of bacteria.

Typically, 5-star hotels do not use cotton mattresses. However, this type of mattress is still used as a backup to serve travelers with back pain or problems relating to osteoarthritis.


  • Low price
  • The mattress is hard, flat and suitable for people with back pain or spinal diseases
  • Convenient full-plate or threefold design
  • Some cotton mattresses integrate antibacterial technology from nanosilver and/or activated carbon, which helps protect the body while sleeping


  • Short lifespan
  • Do not have luxury look

2. Top 5 criteria for 5-star hotels


The higher the level of the hotel is, the better the mattress that will be chosen.


Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 3
The design of the mattress must match and enhance the overall style of the bedroom.

A modern designed hotel should not have complicated design mattresses, and vice versa, 5-star high-class hotels in the neoclassical style should not choose mattresses which are too thin or minimalist.

If you are having difficulty determining which mattress fits the style of your hotel, ask for help from the architects or from the LMG showroom to be consulted by leading mattress experts.


Nothing is more wonderful than buying a mattress that fits the bed and harmonizes with the interior space. A reasonable mattress also directly determines the quality of sleep and easily impresses visitors each night.

You should also use a mattress line with a thickness of at least 10cm to create a firm feeling. Pay attention to the height of the bed to best suit the mattress thickness.


Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 4
Most hotel mattresses are white to create a clean, gentle feeling for users.

Color has a great influence on people’s psychology. Therefore, high-class 5-star hotels often choose mattresses in white or elegant tones to create the cleanest and most gentle feeling.

The mattress in white, cream, nude, pale yellow, pastel brown, beige, etc. would be a great suggestion you should try.


Most spring mattresses and latex mattresses now have very impressive surface patterns. However, Five-star hotels should prioritize mattresses with luxurious, gentle textures combined with quilted lines. More patterned mattresses will cause more confusion about the overall design.

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3. Popular sample collection of luxury mattress in 5-star hotels

Most 5-star hotels in the world often choose big, high-end brands with a long history such as Therapedic, AmericanStar, Latexco, Kluft, Aireloom or Brentwood Home.


With a history of more than 62 years, Therapedic is one of the leading sleep care brands in the world.
Therapedic mattresses reach high accuracy in the structure and content of springs. The surface fabric is also selected by the manufacturer from safe materials, with the best durability and support for you during sleep.

Therapedic brand has 3 Outstanding Collections:

  • Backsense Collection
  • Bravura Collection
  • Medicoil Collection
Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 5
Rhapsody In Blue Mattress (Bravura Collection), with impressive and soft design, possesses durable, breathable natural Latexco latex.
Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 6
HD3000 Mattress (Medicoil Collection), with the exclusive HourGlass Support® feature, flexibly supports your body for good sleep every night.


The widespread popularity on 4 continents of AmericanStar (Americas, Asia, Europe and Australia) is a testament of the world’s top quality mattresses.

AmericanStar uses natural ingredients. Their mattresses are crafted and finished according to American standards, bringing a satisfying sleep, and artistic life.

AmericanStar brand has 6 outstanding collections:

  • Reserve Collection
  • Avant Garde Collection
  • Heritage mattress Collection
  • Premier mattress Collection
  • Hospitality mattresses Collection
  • AmericanStar Latexco Collection
Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 7
Vido pocket spring mattress (Reserve Collection) features elegant patterns and smoothness from gel foam combined with AsFlex ™ foam pads
Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 8
Pinnacle Mattress (Avant Garde Collection), which is equipped with AS AsIntelligent™ Pocket-in-Pocket Spring System and latexco® ventilated natural latex, brings the most comfort.
Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 9
Avignon mattress (Heritage Collection) brings a firm but comfortable and pleasant feel.
Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 10
Memphis mattresses (Premier) firmly support body curves with AsFlex ™ foam layers, and AsAdaptive ™ pocket springs
Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 11
Royale Mattress (Hospitality Collection) provides a free and relaxing sleep with safe, quality materials
Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 13
Silver Mattress (AmericanStar Latexco Collection) flexibly supports the body according to body shape


Latexco is the world’s leading mattress brand using natural latex combined with the most modern and advanced production technology.

Each natural latex mattress fully supports every body area throughout the sleeping process. The luxurious design enhances the overall beauty of the room.

Latexco brand has 4 outstanding collections:

  • Natural mattress Collection
  • Fusion mattress Collection
  • Collection of Fom mattresses
  • Classic mattress Collection
Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 14
Willow Mattress (Natural Collection) is made of natural latexco® latex, supporting 5 body areas throughout sleeping process
Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 15
Emerald Mattress (Fusion Collection) gives a soft feel of latexco® AERFOM foam combined with 7-zone natural latexco® latex core


Kluft – The leading mattress brand in the US, created by the sophisticated combination of talented craftsmen and handmade with the best materials such as Talalay latex, Palais springs, organic cotton and so on, offering the perfect mattress.

Kluft uses the most advanced materials such as Joma fleece, Cashmere wool, and Moosburger horse tail hairs. The most outstanding Kluft collection is the PALAIS Vie De Luxe Collection which is the key to help raise your 5-star hotel’s level.

Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 16
PALAIS Vie De Luxe Mattress ( Beyond Luxury Collection)


Aireloom brings luxurious mattress designs from California, crafted completely by hand.

Applying Patented Aireloom Lift ™ technology, Talalay latex helps regulate body temperature and provides a sense of comfort during sleep.

The Preferred mattress collection is Aireloom’s most popular collection today.

Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 17
The elegant beauty of Aireloom mattresses


With a history of more than 30 years producing mattresses from natural materials with healthy origins, Brentwood Home has become a famous brand in the world.

Brentwood Home Mattress uses natural materials that are safe and healthy for users. Every detail is made by a team of artisans and skilled craftsmen in Los Angeles. The elegant and sophisticated design not only brings a luxurious appearance but also brings a comfortable feeling, helping customers enjoy the best moments.

Brentwood Home has 3 outstanding collections:

  • Latex mattress Collection
  • Pocket Coil mattress Collection
  • Memory Foam Collection
Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 18
The Del Mar pocket spring mattress (Pocket Coil Collection) uses 5-zone technology combined with three layers of modern foam to provide the softest feel.
Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 19
The modern, and premium beauty of the Mirador mattress (Latex Collection) comes from the wonderful combination of 5cm thick natural latex and the Micro Low Profile Softech® spring system.
Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 20
Coronado Mattress (Memory Foam Collection) nourishes sleep throughout the night with cooling gel memory foam, vent foam and a soft Eurotop topper.

4. Accessories help enhance the elegance of the room

The elegance of the room will be respected when combining mattresses with the most suitable accessories. For example:


Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 21
A mattress shelf will contribute to enhancing the beauty of a luxurious mattress.

Upscale hotels rarely use traditionally framed beds. Instead, they use mattress shelves (also known as divan) with a minimalist design but high flexibility.

A mattress shelf is made from a solid stainless steel frame system, combined with outer cover that can be made of leather, velvet or felt. There are also wheels underneath to facilitate moving in the bedroom space.


Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 22
Neutral color cushions in a hotel

In hotel rooms, cushions are not only for decoration, but also used as a resting place for customers when reading or watching television.

Cushions should be chosen with a design that matches with the mattress and room style.


Đệm khách sạn 5 sao cao cấp 23
The topper helps to increase the softness and comfort of the mattress

Toppers help increase the softness and comfort of a mattress. This is a product that hotels should have, especially high-end 5-star hotels, to enhance customers’ experiences.

To sum up, mattresses for 5-star hotels not only fit the overall design of the hotel, but also need to have excellent quality. If you need more advice, please contact the LMG luxury mattress showroom.

Located in Sala Urban Area, the showroom has 5 floors, decorated in 5 luxurious and classy styles. You will experience the premium mattresses of 6 leading worldwide brands including AmericanStar, Therapedic, Latexco, Kluft, Aireloom and Brentwood Home. Furthermore, Reveal by Xsensor will help you discover your body secrets and find the right mattress for you.

The showroom has a peaceful, discreet space that will let you have a comfortable moment to choose your most suitable mattress.

Contact information

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