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Sleep quality is more important than sleep time, and a good mattress plays a significant role in creating a good night’s sleep every night. If you’re wondering which mattress is best for your health, don’t forget the information shared below.

How do mattresses affect your sleep?

In the overall architecture of the house, the bedroom is a private space where you leave all the stresses of life. Everyone spends a quarter of his/her life sleeping. During break time, the mattress plays a supporting role for the body, bringing comfort and peace.

Good mattresses will complete the mission of bringing good night sleep, while protecting your spine and limiting back problems and sleep disorders. Enhance your sleep with wonderful moments of relaxation, and beautiful floating dreams.

To choose a good mattress suitable to your body condition, you need to have suitable mattress selection standards. Please refer to some criteria given by mattress experts as below!

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A good sleep, a healthy body and a perfect life will not be too luxurious when you choose the right mattress.

One criteria for evaluating a mattress is if it is good for your health

According to mattress and health experts, a good mattress will meet the following 9 criteria:


A mattress that brings comfort to users and does not harm health will be marked as a good mattress. This depends largely on the material, technology of production and mattress brand.

Currently, spring mattresses, latex mattresses, and foam mattresses are highly appreciated for their quality because of the strict manufacturing process. Friendly natural materials ensure safety for human health. Prestigious brands choose the best materials and technology to produce high-class luxurious mattresses to help customers have a good night’s sleep.


Mỗi chiếc nệm đều gắn với giấc ngủ cũng như ảnh hưởng tới sức khỏe của người sử dụng. Chính vì thế, trước khi chọn mua nệm, bạn đừng ngần ngại chia sẻ tình trạng sức khỏe của mình với nhân viên tư vấn.

  • Each mattress is attached to sleep as well as affecting the customer’s health. Therefore, before buying a mattress do not hesitate to share your health condition with the counselor.
  • For people with back pain: The perfect choice is a latex mattress or pressed cotton mattress. The moderate hardness and controlled subsidence of these mattresses will limit pain after sleeping and improve health every day.
  • For people with osteoarthritis or spinal problems: Choose soft mattresses to limit impulse propagation and support the treatment. Natural latex mattresses having an open foam structure will bring the best support for the skeleton. In the winter, latex mattresses will quickly warm the body and limbs, limiting joint pain. This will be a great gift if you intend to give it to parents or people who are facing bone diseases.
  • For people with high temperature: The space inside a spring mattress will provide the most cool and comfortable reclining.
  • For people who are prone to allergies: Natural latex mattresses are a good choice due to high quality natural materials that are soothing and non-irritating. The production process is sterilized and friendly to the health of users.
  • For people with intercostal neuralgia: The most suitable mattress is the spring mattress. The pain will be relieved to help you fall asleep easily.


In addition to the elasticity and suitable smoothness, mattresses need to ensure ventilation, do not cause a sense of urgency and get rid of moisture quickly to reduce the effects of weather and climate on sleep.

You should choose a mattress that has a ventilated hole structure on the surface and air-conditioning materials such as JOMA fleece, latex TALALAY or organic cotton..


It is extremely important to find a suitable quality mattress. An essential piece of advice for every customer before buying a mattress is that you should go directly to the showroom to visit and lie on the mattress. Turn a few positions for 10-15 minutes to check the elasticity and comfort.

Real experience and your body’s reactions will help you make the right choice for your sleep and health.


A good mattress is also assessed by its ability to support and reduce transmission of movement to the person lying nearby. Latex mattresses and spring mattresses will cover your turning moments without causing impact on the person next to you. Both you and your loved one will have good sleep every night.


The harmonious combination of mattress and surrounding furniture will help you feel comfortable when entering the bedroom. If you own a luxury bedroom space, a luxury mattress will be the best choice.

Types of mattresses that are good for one’s health

Combining the above criteria with the following suggestions will help you choose the best quality mattress for good sleep every night.


With the outstanding advantage of extremely good elasticity thanks to hundreds of springs arranged side by side, a pocket spring mattress is the product you should not ignore.

  • Based on an extremely flexible operating principle, pocket spring mattresses will not make noises to the other one due to shifts in body position.
  • The spring pockets are linked together to help optimally support the spine, providing comfort for the back as well as the whole body. This would be a perfect solution for people who have back and spine problems or the elderly.
  • Integrating technology to support 7 body areas, the mattress will ensure the spine is always straight, limiting damage and degeneration of the spine when lying in the wrong position.
  • A 25-30cm thick, flexible exhaust system between the spring bags helps the mattress to be always airy, suitable for tropical weather in Vietnam.
Loại nệm nào nằm tốt nhất cho sức khỏe 2
Using the MEDICOIL® HD spring system, Therapedic’s HD300 mattress cradles each sleep, improving the user’s health.


Latex mattresses have been rated by many experts to be good for health, especially for the elderly and children. Latex mattresses do not sink or collapse for a long time and will support a straight spine, providing optimal durability and flexible support for each person lying down.

High-end products such as AmericanStar, Latexco, and BrentWood Home are made from natural latex materials imported directly from Belgium, combined with modern technologies to create a top-quality mattress that supports 5 or 7 areas of the body. At the same time, good air circulation and a perfect balance of temperature control help you always relax in every night’s sleep.

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BrentWood Home premium latex mattress not only has outstanding elasticity but also increases the aesthetics and elegance of your bedroom.


These mattresses are trusted by many high-end customers. This is a very famous product because it has CertiPUR-US certified Memory Foam, which relieves the pressure of the mattress on the body and makes it cool during sleep.

The Brentwood Home luxury mattress brand is where you can find these products.

Loại nệm nào nằm tốt nhất cho sức khỏe 4
Coronado mattress with memory foam lining combined with a vent foam layer and soft Euro Top cushion brings great experiences that you should not miss.

The risks that indirectly affect the health of mattress users


If you choose a low-quality or too old mattress, it will cause incomplete sleep because the support points are not suitable for each body area. At that time, the mattress will be sunken and cause tiredness. In the long run, it will create back pain, spine pain and easily give users health problems. Therefore, you should choose a new, high-quality mattress recommended by many experts.


If the mattress is not cleaned for a long time, it will create dirt and bacteria inside and cause an itchy feeling. To limit this, you should use a vacuum cleaner every week to clean the mattress, which helps not only increase the life of the mattress but also ensure safety for your health.

From the above advice, surely you have answered the question of which mattress is best for your health. For more specific advice, you should visit LMG – the showroom of the world’s leading mattress brands.

At LMG, you will experience the Reveal by Xsensor body pressure gauge to find the best mattress for you. In a luxurious and private space, LMG’s world of premium mattresses will help you have wonderful relaxing moments.




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